Deciding to get a divorce is a time of uncertainty that can bring up more questions than answers: Who will get custody of the children? How will the assets be divided? What will the support be? Even under the best of circumstances, the process can be confusing and stressful. We have years of experience in helping clients navigate through this change, while providing them with the compassion and support they need and deserve.

During the process of a divorce, the division of a couple's assets will inevitably arise. New York courts determine the equitable distribution of marital assets based on factors such as the contribution of each spouse to the assets, the length of marriage, each spouse's income, to name a few. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in preparing our client's financial documents, analyzing the opposing parties' financial information, and working with current tax laws to benefit our clients. We strive to reach a fair and reasonable settlement between spouses without unnecessary litigation but are entirely prepared to try the case if an agreement cannot be reached.

"I look at each client as a person, not a case, and take a holistic approach in my representation of them. Every person dealing with a divorce, possibly involving custody of their children, deserves a lawyer who will represent them with compassion and strength, and support them through the process."
-- Lawrence Jay Braunstein

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